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Because Memories Matter

Tel: 07870 609104     email: [email protected] don't let your guests keep all the lovely photo's they've taken to themselves!


Almost every adult has a mobile phone nowadays and the chances are whether it's a wedding. a birthday or a corporate event they'll use their phone cameras to capture the occasion. Unfortunately it's also true that without Picture Wizard they will probably take those pictures home with them and you'll never get to see them.

Picture Wizard


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Picture Wizard is an amazing new system that allows guests to share photo's taken on their mobile phones or tablets on the big screen within seconds. The host gets a copy of all the photographs that are uploaded after the event and our print kiosk allows everyone to print off a copy of their favourites to take home with them.


The system is totally self contained - Internet access isn't required so it works in any location and there are no pesky app's to download or hashtags to get your head round. A modern, superior alternative to disposable cameras or polaroids.


And if our 55" HD screen isn't big enough for you GO LARGE with our 3mx2m back projector screen or if your venue has a big screen we may be able to link into that.


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